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Real Estate Investment Support

Hourly Rate: $4.00/hr to $8.00/hr - Posted 7 month(s) ago


I'm Mark Bender I head an association of business' including some Real Estate Investors. My interest is in supporting a system we have built which funnels those wishing to sell their properties, provide the services they need, or partner with them in other ways.
This means assembling a team of agents that can use and understand our systems (based on Hot Prospector), can offer up to 40 hours weekly to transcribe data, contact and manage leads, build and maintain relationships, and provide rock solid support for those in the system.
This also means that when we find agents who are well matched, we'll open doors for those who wish to access our association, and enjoy the opportunities that membership affords.

USA / Canada    Estimated Duration: More than 6 months    Project Type: Long Term

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