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Lead qualification / appointment setting

Hourly Rate: $3.00/hr to $5.00/hr - Posted 6 month(s) ago



We're a marketing agency focused on leadgen for orthodontists. We're searching for a new team member for the following position: Appointment Setting / Lead Qualification.
At least 2 years of experience with appointment setting.
US English, fluent. Zero accent is desirable.
Friendly and proactive.

Job Description:
We will provide leads (orthodontists, invisalign dentists, oral surgeons) via several means like cold email, ringless voice mails, text messages, etc.
You will get email replies from interested leads, your job is to call them within 3 minutes, ask them 3 to 5 qualification questions and setup an appointment within 48 hrs., for a demo presentation of our services.
You will also get inbound calls and text messages. You need to do the same: qualify them and book an appointment.

If a lead does not answer or reply, you need to keep calling them at least 3 times a day until you get a response.

USA / Canada    Estimated Duration: More than 6 months    Project Type: Long Term

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