23 Apr 2020

4 Crucial Questions: How to Qualify Before You Sell

Below is a transcription from a video training I did called "4 Crucial Questions You Must Ask For 10X Sales"

You can click the link to watch on YouTube or just read below. Either way...Enjoy!

I’m sitting at the park. I was going to do this at the park but I’m in Las Vegas and, you know, for some reason this spring the weather’s been pretty erratic and literally out of the blue. A storm just blew in so I’m sitting here at the parking lot of the park and this storm blew in. So it’s dropped down like 15 degrees, 20 degrees. I know I must be being a little bit of a baby here but it’s a little windy and it’s cold.

And so I just went to the store and grabbed my Starbucks and I decided to do this live in the car.

So forgive me for my uh... I’m not very good with the cold weather but the reason why you’re here for this video is because you want to know the four most crucial questions that you must ask. Every single sales call that you make, you need to ask these questions if you want to close more sales. And I see so many sales people make this mistake on a constant basis. I mean, literally they are, you know, going in with the presentation maybe going straight into the pitch and it’s kind of the same thing as walking up to a girl at the bar and, you know, without knowing her, asking her if she wants to go home with you. That’s just not going to work. Trust me, I’ve tried it. But if you want to close more sales just like the lady at the bar, you’re going to have to get to know her.

So the four most crucial questions that you should be asking every single prospect that you meet are... We’re going to start with the first one because this one is the most important one. I don’t know how many times I see sales people tell me, you know, their customers always put them off. And then I ask them, “What is it that...? What did they say? What was their main concern or hesitation?”

“Oh, they had to talk to their partner.”

Are you kidding me? If they said they need to talk to their partner, that’s your fault because you didn’t ask them upfront if they’re the decision maker or if they needed somebody else on the line that needs to be there to make that decision.

So here’s the question that you ask to make sure that that never happens. Never, it should never happen. So if you like what you hear today and I’m sure you will, is there anybody else that you have to run this pass or do you make all the final decisions? That’s it. It’s very simple. If you love what you hear today and I know you will... I always like to throw that in there because I want them to be confident that I’m confident that what I have for them is going to help them. So if you love what you hear today and I know you will, is there anybody else that you have to run this pass or are you the one who makes the final decision? That’s it.

Now once they say yes, take note of that. It’s very important that you take note of that because you may need to use it later for the wishy washy decision maker that tries to use the partner as an excuse once they already told you that they are the decision maker. Know what I’m saying?

All right. The second question, and this one is going to help you drastically, dramatically. When you are going down for, you know, building the value of what it is that you have to offer and I’m mostly speaking to people here who sell a product to businesses that helps businesses make more revenue. Let’s just say if you’re like in web development or services, you know, selling services or anything like that. All right. So here’s the question. Ready?

Second question. Second question is, what is your average ticket? What is your average ticket? Now I want to know what the average ticket is for this business for one reason and one reason only. I’m qualifying to make sure that they have a product that will be able to help them push at a level that they would be able to afford my service. And I mean obviously there are sales people who will go out and target smaller ticket businesses that sell smaller ticket items but for me, I’ve always done very well targeting home services companies, car dealerships, mortgage companies, real estate agents, people who make a lot of revenue and a lot of profit on their deals. That’s the second question that I ask every single prospect.

The third question, and a lot of people when I say this, they think, “What? Are you kidding me? People are going to tell you this?” They do. And I’m going to give you a secret on how to ask this question too.

So the third question is, Okay great, after they’ve told me what the ticket is, what’s their average ticket. I say, great! And what’s your average profit on that ticket? Now I’ll hesitate for a second to see if they’re going to answer it. And if I don’t hear something instantly, then I start throwing out numbers. Is it ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty percent? Waiting for them to stop me. Seventy percent? I’ll go all the way to 100%. And eventually, they’ll stop you. “Oh, well. You know, it’s 30%.” Okay, perfect.

Now again just like the other question that I was asking, I’m asking them a) how much do you make or how much is your ticket and b) how much do you make. The reason why I want to know this is because I want to know what kind of money that I’m going to be able to put into his bank account because I’m going to use that in my sales pitch when I show them what my company could do for them. Okay, so that’s the third question.

Now here is the fourth question. Whatever you sell, whatever it is that you sell, if you sell websites, great. If you sell mobile websites, or SEO, or lead generation, or I don’t know. You name it. Any kind of a service to a business where they are going to benefit from this in a profit situation, I want to ask this question. Now obviously I want to make sure you like what you hear first but if you like what you hear and you’re confident, 100% confident that what I’m going to do for you is going to make you money. If I could show you a five times multiple on your investment today, could you invest $X today? So for example, if you’re selling a website. So if I can show you at least a three to four times return on your investment, could you invest $5000 on your business today? That’s it.

That question right there and all these questions are going to happen on the front of the presentation but that question right there is going to let you know if you’re dealing with somebody who’s a tire kicker or not, if they’re willing to make a decision or not. Now a lot of times what’s going to happen when you ask that question, they’re going to pump your brakes a little bit and say, “I don’t know. I can’t make a decision today.” No, no, no. I think I might have been a little bit, I might have confused the topic or confuse the question. Let me say it one more time. The reason why I’m asking you this, I’m not asking you to make a decision today. I just want to know that if I can show a way and you’re 100% confident that this is going to work for your business, can you invest $5000 in your business today if I can show that it’s going to make you three to four times your investment? That’s it. All I’m looking for is at least a maybe. I mean, a yes or no. No maybe. No maybes. Yes or no. No maybe.

So if you ask those four questions, I 100% guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt, you will every single time actually have... If they say yes to all those questions and everything else falls into place, you will definitely have the best prospect you’ve ever had.
Now the final question that I’m going to throw in here, this is a bonus question that you can ask. And this is actually I see so many people not asking but this is the bonus question. If you ask this one question at the end of every single one of the presentations you do, you’re going to find out very quickly if the person that you are talking to is real or not. Are you ready?

So you’ve given your presentation. Everything is completely laid out. You’ve built great value. You’ve qualified. You know that this customer has everything that they need to know in place.

So what’s the final question? Would you like to use a Visa, a MasterCard, American Express? Or would you prefer to use a check by phone? That’s it. That is what we call assuming the close. You assume the close at the end of every single presentation that you do, you’re going to drastically increase your closing percentage.

So those are the four questions and then that final one is your bonus. I promise you that if you use these in your business, you’re going to close way more sales. You’re going to have much better prospects and you’re going to have a lot less headaches dealing with your customers.
So I hope you enjoyed this information. Looking forward to helping you some more and I’ll talk to you again real soon. Bye.

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