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Hot Prospector is ideal for anyone who has an existing database of past customers or is looking to bring in a rush of brand new prospects. In both examples, Hot Prospector mission is to quickly and measurably increase our client's conversions. Our services work extremely well whether it is working with a b2c company or b2b businesses. Either way, Hot Prospector is here to maximize every possible avenue of your marketing and follow up. Whether that be through inbound / outbound calls, SMS, Email or Ringless Voicemails.

The easy answer to that is "delegating to the experts." With your access to Hot Prospector's standard package… you have every tool and resource necessary to connect and convert prospects into customers through a variety of marketing methods. But once you upgrade to our VIP Marketing Services… our team of experts handle all the heavy lifting for you. Let our VIP staff create and optimize the most effective campaign in order to quickly get your phone ringing off the hook with new prospects. Our VIP Marketing Services can also handle every other aspect of your marketing needs. Everything from Website Design, Content Marketing, Lead and Landing Page Design and Social Media Marketing. Save yourself time, money and eliminate your learning curve with our VIP Marketing Services. Why do it yourself… when our expert team can do it all for you.

We have set up our service as a month-to-month system which means no long term contracts, however we do not offer refunds or a money-back guarantee. So if after a month or two you already feel you have all the new prospects you need… then simply contact our customer support team and cancel your account. But we feel very confident that once you leverage the massive marketing advantage that Hot Prospector will provide you and your business… you'll never want to leave!

You can contact our customer service support team by simply clicking the link HERE. Our reps will do their absolute best to respond and answer your question within 24 hours. You can also Chat with us LIVE by clicking the "Live Support" icon on the lower right corner of any page within your Hot Prospector backoffice. Keep in mind this is where you would send general topic questions such as resetting your login details or updating your billing information. See the next question below regarding tech support.

If at any point you have a question or challenge figuring something out with your Hot Prospector tools, resources or marketing campaigns… submit your questions by clicking HERE. Our team does it's absolute best to answer your tech support questions as quickly as possible. (Average response time is usually within a 2 hour period.) You can also Chat with us LIVE by clicking the "Live Support" icon on the lower right corner of any page within your Hot Prospector backoffice.

When you initially signed up for your VIP Marketing Services account, you would have been provided your own unique contact details for your rep in the very first email. So we recommend doing a search for "Hot Prospector VIP Marketing Services" within your email inbox. If for whatever reason you are not able to locate that initial email (accidentally deleted etc.) then simply click HERE and contact us through email so we can connect you with your personal representative.

If you are ready to upgrade from a variety of standard marketing packages to our VIP program, then simply click this link HERE. One of our VIP representatives will get in contact with you by phone ASAP to walk you through the entire process. Make sure you provide us the best phone number to reach you by in your email.

Founder Mark Helton started the company back in November of 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

As of right now, we are not offering bulk discounts. As was stated earlier, our services are set up on a month to month basis to provide the ultimate in flexibility for our clients.

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