14 Oct 2021

Which Is Better? Remote or In-House Appointment Setters

There is no doubt that appointment setters are essential for the growth of your business.  However, as an employer, you may be torn between hiring remote or in-house appointment setters.

So, which option is the best? A remote or in-house appointment setter? Well, it depends on many factors such as company preference, budget, and company policy.

For you to make a better decision, you need to check on the benefit of each option. Let's look at both options to help you decide what best suits your business. 

Remote Appointment Setters

Hiring remote appointment setters will undoubtedly be of great benefit to your company. Apart from helping your company grow, they will also reach out to prospects and improve your profit.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain from hiring remote appointment setters.

1.      Reduce Overhead Cost

Hiring a remote setter will help you cut a lot of avoidable costs. Payments such as office leases can be enormous, especially if you are a startup looking to grow fast. There are other expenses such as cleaners, furniture, insurance, and office supplies. All these payments can be avoided by simply hiring a remote appointment setter.

2.      Remote Workers Are More Productive

Yes, that’s right! Remote workers are more productive than in-house ones. They are more likely to stay focused on work without being sidetracked by coworkers. Most workers also love working remotely and cite it as being more flexible and easy to work from any location.

You are also less likely to experience a sudden absence of appointment setters with unclear excuses, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

3.      You Can Hire from Anywhere

You are likely to get more talented appointment setters when you hire remotely. Hiring an office employee limits your chance of getting an experienced worker. You dont have to limit your employee pool to locals who might not have the right experience. 

4.      It Saves Time for Workers

By cutting out the long to and from work commutes, employees tend to offer higher quality work. Furthermore, having a remote appointment setter clears up tasks for your in-house employees, giving them time to focus on other areas.

Hiring remote appointment setters helps them save 2 -4 hours directed to doing more work.

5.      Reduces Cost for Workers

Working remotely benefits not only you but also your workers. They save more money by cutting out the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance, and food. Remote appointment setters have a better chance of being stress-free, thus improving their productivity.

Demerits of Hiring Remote Appointment Setters

Although hiring on a remote basis has a lot of benefits, it also has its fair share of demerits. Here are the challenges you may experience from hiring remotely.

1.      Reduced Cohesiveness

If you have a large team of remote appointment setters, building a culture of togetherness won't be easy. Communication may be done solely through video calls and emails which is less impactful than in-person interactions.

2.      Time-zone Overlap

Time zone difference is one of the biggest challenges for appointment setters working remotely. They may experience a hard time adapting to different time zones. The time difference can be frustrating, especially if you are working on time-sensitive projects.

In-House Appointment Setters

In-house working has been a tradition since time immemorial. It has always been considered the best way to offer services, until recently when technology has proved otherwise. So why should you consider working with in-house appointment setters? Here are some of the advantages you stand to gain from hiring appointment setters to work in an office.

1.      Collaboration with Coworkers

Hiring in-house appointment setters enables them to collaborate better with colleagues. It allows your workers to work together and help build your business. It makes it easier for your workers to get instant help when required, which helps boost their productivity.

2.      Fewer Meetings

Having in-house appointment setters reduces the number of meetings required. You can easily monitor what every employee is doing and give guidance where necessary. The time used for meetings can be channelled to do more productive work.

3.      Offers a Focused Environment

It's more likely that having an in-house team of appointment setters helps make them more focused. The office environment helps them brainstorm on issues much better than when working remotely. It improves efficiency, focuses on their company goal, and gives the appointment setter firsthand experience of what's happening in the office.

Demerits of In-house Appointment Setters

As good as it may sound, having in-house appointment setters can be very stressful. Here are some challenges you may experience from working from the office.

1.      Slacking Off

It is very common to see the worker in the office chatting and taking long lunch breaks. The inattention can greatly affect your business as your clients do not get the maximum attention they need.  It also promotes laziness among your appointment setters, which only lowers their productivity.

2.      Long Commute Time

As time proceeds, most workers take more time to commute to work. The process of going to the office is bound to eat into time that would have otherwise gone to their work. A long commute could also tire the appointment setter and reduce productivity.

3.      Reduced Retention

Two third of in-house appointment setters would prefer working remotely over a pay rise.

Does Your Business Need a Remote or In-House Appointment Worker?

Hiring a remote or in-house appointment setter all depends on the needs of your company. If you feel your business would thrive better with remote appointment setters, you should go for that option.  But if you feel in-house appointment setters will yield more profit for you, then hire some to work from the office. The main aim is hiring professional appointment setters who will lift your business to gain optimum revenue and attract more clients.

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